Friday, May 1, 2009

Week Four

Viola is investigating the heat register. They are getting curious so I give them time each day out of the pen to explore. Tonight there was a thunder storm and they were aware of the thunder. They didn't freak out but they did listen each time the thunder clapped. None of my current dogs are afraid of thunder storms but I have had dogs in the past that were really affected by them.It just seems like yesterday that they were born but it has been 4 weeks already. Today I clipped their toe nails again and weighed them. They now weigh between 3 lb 8 oz and 4 lb 4 oz.

Below is Burdock playing with a roll of paper. We go to the newspaper print shop and get the end of the rolls of paper to use in the puppy pen and it works great. Newspaper is OK but the newsprint makes the puppies gray so getting the paper before it is printed on is really nice.
Lilac is trying to get Garrett to come out and play but he isn't interested in playing with them when they are this small.
Bizzi doesn't have any problem playing with them at this age.

Gambit doesn't spend very much time with the pup now that I am feeding them three times a day. I can't say I blame her because they have sharp teeth now and that has to hurt. She goes in and feeds them when she is full of milk but she seems to be producing less now.


Sherri said...

The pictures with Bizzi make me

Andrea Jacobs said...

Bizzi and Jazzy are one in the same!! I cannot believe the resemblance!