Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Forty One

Brier is thinking....come on Lilac they are bigger than us I think they are Raptors.... lets get the heck out of here!The puppies are getting very good at climbing up and down the steps.
Lilac is curious about the chickens.
Beautiful little Viola
When I left work it was raining so I was afraid that the puppies wouldn't get to go out to play but the sun came back out so they got to play even though the grass was a little wet. They didn't seem to mind the wet grass at all.

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Chris said...

I can't believe the how much these puppies have grown in the last 2 weeks! They are sooooo beautiful, and my little boy Brier...well he still has a place in my heart, that little snuggle bug. He will bring his new family lots of joy!