Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Thirty Eight

They are finally asleep! I was just commenting a couple of days ago that this litter was very quiet. Well they have found their voices and aren't shy about letting me know when they want something. I think all the attention this past weekend was great for them but it also spoiled them a tiny bit. Below is Lilac. I have to decide whether I am going to keep Tulip or Lilac. I will be watching both of these girls closely for the next two weeks to try to make my decision. I wish I could keep them both but that is out of the question.

One more thing I wanted to mention is that there is still a few more days to sign the petition. If you haven't already signed it please go to and check it out! I would appreciate your signature of support. For those of you who have already signed the petition I would like to send sweet puppy kisses from each of these babies! Thank you for your support!

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