Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day Fifty Three

And then there were four...Today Dahlia went to her new home to live and be loved and spoiled by George, Barbara and Granddaughter Katie. She will also have a big liver K9 best friend named Forrest! Perhaps she will be called Sadie!
Because it rained most of the day the puppies had to stay inside and play. Below are some pictures of them burning of some energy!

Magnolia is forever trying to escape the pen with a toy so no one else can have it. Because she is the smallest she has learned how to outsmart the big ones. She is a hoot to watch! The day started out with five puppies and when I woke up no one had pooped in the pen all night! As soon as I put them out they all ran to the grass and did their business. Good puppies!!!!
Bizzi had a very rewarding day today because she finally managed to catch and kill one of the groundhogs that has been driving her crazy all spring. She has been watching this group of groundhogs in a field behind my father's house but of course she is in a fence so she can't get to them. Today she managed to run out the back door when I was not paying attention and ran like the wind over to where the groundhogs were. She grabbed one of them and killed it so fast it didn't know what hit it. Then she proceeded to bring it to me like a trophy and wanted to bring in inside to show the other dogs. She is a very sweet gentle dog with people and other dogs and particularly the puppies but she has a very high prey drive. We had to put a strand of electric around the bottom and the top of the fence so she couldn't figure out a way to get our chickens.

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Sherri said...


Wednesday has a bunny that vexes her. He sits in our yard right outside her "let's see what's going on out there" window. It makes her crazy. I shudder to think what would happen to that dumbbunny if she ever had the chance!!

Sherri Templin