Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day Fifty One

As the puppies start to leave I can notice a difference in the one remaining. This evening they were somewhat noisy which up until now they were a quieter than normal litter. They finally went to sleep which sounds like a great idea. Today Viola met and was instantly in love with her new parents Pat and Ellan. Pat and Ellan recently lost their wonderful companion Iris so Violet will have bit pawprints to try to fill but I am sure that her new parents have plenty of room in their hearts for this new little sweetie. Brier went home with Mary Kay and Zack this morning. Mary Kay and her husband Dennis have a big brother to Garrett they got from me 10 years ago. Zack was just a boy then. It was great to see Mary Kay again and she hasn't aged a bit and is still beautiful. Zack is all grown up!

Here is a picture of Daisy who is adjusting to her new home quite will it seems!

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