Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Fifty Five

And they call it puppy love! Burdock and his angels
MMMMM...ears taste good!

Gambit did some thing today she never did before. She went into the pen and regurgitated for the puppies. I know it is natural and normal but I can certainly live with out it. She didn't do that with her first litter but they were all in their new homes before this and I didn't keep one. I was surprised that she gave up some of her food because she is a ravenous chow hound but she has been such an attentive mother it shouldn't have surprised me.

I took off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but it is back to work for me tomorrow.....

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Chris said...

Ear nibbling - must be a family trait! Ryder nibbles (no sucks)Bella's ear all the time.

The puppies have been such a joy to watch them grow. I will miss them!