Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Forty Seven

Above is Dahlia actually falling asleep during her BAER hearing test. Most of the puppies were unfazed by this test. Burdock wasn't real happy that he wasn't in control of the situation but once he realized this was going to happen he settled but the others took it in stride.
Above and below is Lilac during her test. As you can see she isn't very concerned about the needles in her head or the earphones in her ears.
Daffodil decided that she would assist the Vet Techs. They got a kick out of her.
Below is the BAER testing machine. You can't really see it but the results of one of the puppies is on the screen.
After we got home for the BAER testing the puppies had a play break and something to eat and then it was off again to get their check-up and first shot. The Vet pronounced them healthy!

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Kim said...

Hooray! That's wonderful news..congratulations!