Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day Thirty

As you requested Susan here is Daffodil on the left and Magnolia on the right! Today was a big day for the puppies because they had lots of new experiences. LaDonna and Chris came to help socialize the puppies and both came bearing gifts! LaDonna brought something for each of the adult dogs and lots of obstacles for the puppies to play with. Chris brought yummy brownies for me and lots of toys and treats for the dogs. The puppies were rather unsure of all the strange noises and people they didn't know but before long they made up with everyone and played with their new toys.
After all that excitement they were zonked out.

Yes..... that's right I actually put a picture of Dahlia peeing on the blog. I am pleased to say that it didn't take them long to figure out that the paper was where they should go the the potty and the crate was for sleeping. Good puppies!

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Sherri said...


I'm in LOVE!! What a bunch of beautiful faces. I rush to the computer everyday after work to look at them!!