Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day Forty Three

After a big day outside the puppies are finally ready to sleep! Well most of them anyway.
Since I had the luxury of being home today I got to spend a lot of time puppy watching. Poor little Burdock had the misfortune of sitting right where Garrett marks his corner beside the porch. Needless to say Burdock got his first washing today. Garrett didn't even realize what he was doing until I yelled at him. Of course since he rarely gets in trouble he was very ashamed of himself.

Daffodil is quite the little escape artist. She has managed to find every low spot in the fence however she cannot find her way back in so she sits out side the fence and screams her little head off until I rescue her.

After each litter I seem to forget how much work is involved from week five until they go to their new homes. It is a monumental task just finding things to entertain them with that will stimulate their brains. The clean up is mind boggling but watching them learn is very rewarding.

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