Friday, May 8, 2009

Week Five

Magnolia was the first to discover the big dog water bowl but it didn't take the others long to see what she was doing.Burdock seems to have a very strong personality. He will need a owner who is up for the challenge. I believe that he will try to train his owner if given the opportunity.
Here is short video of play time!

Today was time to trim their nails and weigh them again. They were all very good babies for the pedicure. The smallest weighs 4 lb 9 oz and the biggest one is 6 lb. Tomorrow will be a big day for them because I have lots of people coming to visit.

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Rita said...

Today is Sat and I met these adorable puppies! They are so cute, cuddly when tired, and very entertaining while they play! I can't wait to bring Iris home!