Friday, April 24, 2009

Week Three

We are all very tired after a very busy day. As many of you know I feed my dogs a raw diet which is also called B.A.R.F. The main protein source is chicken backs and today we ground 120 pounds of chicken backs and packaged it in 2 pound tubes. We also grind a large assortment of veggies and fruit. This is very time comsuming so after a long day at work and making dog food I didn't have time to get pictures before I tired them all out by clipping toenails, weighing them and individual sound/food test. I am about 95% sure all can hear in at least one ear! I am also certain many of them can hear in both ears. I will continue to condition them to the psst sound until I am sure about every ear. Then I will see how right I am on May 20th when they have their BAER test. I also wormed them today. They are all still growing relatively uniformly the smallest weighed 2 lb 5 oz and the largest was 2 lb 15 oz. That is all for tonight but I have a big surprise for tomorrow!

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