Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Two

Below you will find an individual picture of each puppy. The name, sex and color will be listed below each picture. I hope you enjoy! They are pictured in birth order.Tulip is a black ear patch girl

Lilac is a liver ear patch girl

Burdock is a black ear patch boy

Dahlia is a black girl

Iris is a black eye patch girl

Viola is the girl I wasn't sure of the color. She is a liver!

Brier is a black ear patch boy

Magnolia is a liver girl

Daffodil is a liver girl


Anonymous said...

Wow, Look at all of the nice trim on those faces. I don't think missing trim is going to be an issue with these kids. Too cute! LaDonna

Kathy said...

Just what you ordered - more girls than boys. I like the flower names too.


Lisa said...

What a sweet bunch of puppies! Gambit is such a good Mom. Gonna be hard to not fall in love with one of those liver girls :)

Lisa, Jim, Tess and Jazz

Marty Jarrett said...

Dear Barb:

They are absolutely beautiful! Gambit is a wonderful Mom.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again!! I can't wait to settle in and follow this group. I'm sure partial to the patch kids (especially the livers!!)

Sherri Templin
Johnstown, PA