Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day Twelve

Today I decided to add a short video so you could see the puppies in action during a feeding frenzy.

There is also something else I would like to mention. All of you know that the daddy of these puppies Topper is a very special Dalmatian because he is one of a small number of Dalmatians that carries the gene for Normal Uric Acid! The AKC at this point in time will not register these dogs because the DCA voted by a small majority not to discuss registering these dogs. They are content with the status quo. An ever growing number of Dalmatian lovers are not content to breed dogs that have a known genetic defect when there is a solution. There is a petition circulating to ask the AKC to include these NUA dogs in their registry. I would very much appreciate having your name added to the large number of concerned dog lovers who have signed this petition. Please follow this link and give the gift of your signature to help promote a healthier breed of much loved dogs.

Once you are on the petition site make sure you read some of the comments from people who have had Dals suffer from urinary stones. Also, after you add your signature a box will appear asking for a donation. Please just close that box as a donation is not necessary. Your signature will still appear. It only takes a minute and you will be doing a wonderful thing for future Dalmatians!


moni said...

Just signed the petition - takes 5 seconds and so worth it!

Kim said...

Oh my! That's the cutest video I've seen in a long time! :) I'm really enjoying your updates...big congrats.

Rockdale's Dalmatian said...

That was a lot of action. Good Mom Gambit.

Kathy, Joey, Annie and Lilly