Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day Twenty Six

Bizzi is finally finished with her heat cycle so life around here is much more pleasant. Garrett finally decided that he would check out the puppies for the first time. He wasn't overly impressed I have to say. He will tolerate them but when they are this small he really isn't buying into their charm yet. Bizzi on the other hand thinks she died and went to heaven with all these new playmates. The two in front are Burdock and Lilac and the picture below is Viola sleeping with a friend.
The cute little guy below is a very frustrated Burdock because everyone else is sleeping and he wants to play. You will see in the next picture that he did find a playmate!

The puppy below who is fighting sleep is Brier. In a few more days they will be very playful and that is when I start giving them other things to experience.

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