Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Eleven

Today the feature puppy is Brier! Why, you ask? This evening while I was doing their Super Dog exercises I heard a thump from the puppy pen and sure enough Brier had climbed up over the side and onto the floor of the pen. He never even missed a beat. He just started making his way around looking for something familiar. I suppose not being able to see is a real pain but since he doesn't have a clue what sight is he just made the best of his situation. He certainly wasn't afraid and never made a sound. He is pictured here getting some time away from the pack.
Below are a couple pictures of them just being cute!

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Andrea Jacobs -- baby23doll4u@aol.com said...

They are all so darling!! I'm glad they are all doing well! I keep on your blog almost everyday, it's really great! Have all the puppies found homes yet?