Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day Twenty Three

TA-DA Here are the three NUA puppies!
For those of you who guessed, thank you for playing the game. No one guessed all three; they were #1, 3 & 4. In the picture above they are Lilac, Tulip and Iris.
Lilac , Iris and Tulip

I was already getting attached to Magnolia and Daffodil so the results were a bit of a letdown when I realized that those two exceptional girls would be offered to some other lucky families. If it wasn't for the fact that the reason I produced this litter was to incorporate the NUA gene in my line of Dals I would not be offering either of those girls to a new home. However, I have three other lovely girls to concentrate on!

Just so today's blog is not all about the NUA puppies, the picture below shows all the pups in their new surroundings. Yesterday I eliminated the pool and put in a large crate bottom. Now is when they learn to leave the nest to potty. They are starting to get the idea because lots of pottying was done out on the paper. I good number didn't quite make it though. The two boys are in the front.
Rita...these next two pictures are for you!

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