Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Nineteen

It is particularly crazy at my house right now. Bizzi is in full blown heat and Garrett is a wreck. He won't eat and and all he does is whine. I feel really bad for the poor dog. I suppose I should get him neutered since I can carry on with his daughter Bizzi. I am already keeping my eye open for the perfect NUA boy for Bizzi when she finishes her AKC championship.

I noticed today the puppies are cutting their puppy teeth. It will soon be time to take over some of the work that Gambit has been doing. She seems to be producing plenty of milk though. The sound/food conditioning is paying off as I have a number of the puppies awaken when I make the noise now. Burdock was the first to respond and Magnolia and Daffodil are responding too! The others haven't ever been the first to jump up yet so I don't know about them. Today's pictures are of them interacting with one another. Enjoy!

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Rockdale Dalmatians said...

The puppies are too cute. It's been great to watch them grow.