Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Twenty

Since the puppies are starting to interact with each other I decided it was time for some toys. I am getting more hearing responses today. I feel that week three is a very scary time because this upcoming is the week that I will get a good idea if any are deaf. It is a little to early to tell if any are uni but it is always a relieve when all can hear.
Pictured above is Burdock, Brier and Daffodil.
Daffodil and Magnolia
Dahlia and the boys
Here are the only two chicks we got from the 11 eggs that we incubated. There were 4 fertile but the other two didn't make it. To give you an idea of how tiny they are...they are sitting in the palm of my hubby's hand.

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Lisa said...

The puppies are adorable...and so are the chicks!