Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day Nine

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Pictured above are the two boys Brier on the left and Burdock on the right.
In the yellow collar is Dahlia.
I thought I would show you the pen the puppies live in. It looks small but it is actually 4 foot by 8 foot. It takes up a very large part of the room.
As you can see the front opens so Gambit can get out and the puppies, when larger, can't. I also close it so Gambit can have her privacy. My husband built this pen for me back in 1992 and it has weathered quite well. It comes apart for storage.
Did someone say food?


Chris said...

Looks like all is going well and you and Gambit as usual are doing a fine job with those puppies. They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Gambit is a babydoll. Do all of the puppies have homes?