Saturday, April 3, 2010


It doesn't seem possible that the Topper - Gambit puppies are a year old already. Lila had a very nice day beginning with a broiled boneless, skinless chicken breast for breakfast. Then she spent a good part of the day playing with her new wabba toy. She shares very nicely so her best friend Bizzi had a lot of fun too! She also managed to dig a few holes so you will see her nose is very dirty. Here are some pictures of Lila, Daffodil and Magnolia. I am hoping to get some current pictures of some of the other pups now that they are all grown up. Lila
Lila and her mom Gambit
Lial and her best buddy Bizzi
Lila hard at play

Daffodil on the left and Magnolia on the right

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