Sunday, June 7, 2009

New beginnings for the pups...

Strawberry DreamsRita tells me that Daisy (formerly Iris) steals strawberries from the strawberry patch but she only picks the red ones.
Above is Violet (formerly Viola) with the man in her life, Pat. They live in a very dog friendly area and the dogs are welcome to come to the restaurants. This is a picture of them at an outdoor restaurant.
Above is Burdock with his new big brother Cezar. Cezar must be a very tolerant old soul because Burdock loves to play!

I just love this picture of Dalton and Lila. I call it the "Age of Innocence" picture. Holly, Dalton's Mom brought Dalton to visit the puppies and took this picture. Dalton is my friend LaDonna's Grandson but he lives closer to me than he does his grammy.

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Jenn said...

That picture of Lila and Dalton is just adorable!